Le Troy se met des bons morceaux

Daytona Beach


Du cool en planche en mousse

Less fin, more fun.


One love One fin

Jordan Slaybaugh

Strollers Surf Club

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A portrait of Mark Rabbidge, a professional longboard surfer through the 80s who shaped many surfboards for champion surfers in the 80s/90s including his wife the 1990 world champ Pam Burridge
Mark lives on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. He has always been connected to the ocean, and is constantly on the pursuit for uncrowded waves. His other passion is cars, and he builds them to suit his unique personality. Whether shaping a surfboard or building a car, the common thread is that they are always one of a kind.

L’accomplissement personnel par le travail manuel. S’épanouir dans ses passions, fuir la population. La clé.